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Margaret Thatcher signed letter together with silver plated coffee pot to which the letter refers


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  • Published: September 15, 2023 5:40 pm


Margaret Thatcher writes to the niece of an old family friend, not of politics and government, but of a cake recipe and a silver-plated coffee pot - the latter still here and paired with the letter, referencing both her father and sister. Such a personal letter, to a non-political figure on an entirely non-political subject, is very unusual in commerce. “Dear Mrs. Kitching, It was a great thrill to receive your letter and I remember Mr & Mrs. Rawding very well indeed. Unfortunately, I cannot recall being given the silver teapot you mention, but it may have been my sister, Muriel, who received it for her wedding. I will make enquiries when I next speak to her… It was a generous thought of your Uncle and Aunt to bequeath you the silver water jug and I hope it will give you pleasure for many years. Thank you again for writing to me”. Thatcher, writing as a member of the House of Lords following her leaving office, also mentions her father, Alfred Roberts, who had died in 1970: “Whilst writing, may I ask a favour of you please? My father loved Mrs. Rawding’s sponge cake and for many years I had the recipe but cannot find it at present. I would love a copy of it again if you still have the recipe in your possession. I know it began with the words ‘take six eggs…’ and it was a sponge cake which kept very well for some time if placed in a tin”. The letter was tucked inside the coffee pot (which is not in fact a water jug, as Thatcher’s letter says),and the pair only appeared on the market fairly recently, auctioned in her home town of Grantham, and apparently indeed treasured for many years as Thatcher hoped. Coffee pot H:21.5; W: 21 (from tip of spout to handle; D:10.5cm. A unique coupling via Peter Harrington, London. Donated by WeAreNotAShop